How to use SEMRush Tool

SEMrush is one of the most popular keyword research tools among SEOs all over the world. I personally find it extremely user-friendly for searching the right keywords and have been using it for some years now.

This guide will help SEOs to learn how they can use SEMrush to its fullest potential for keyword research.

SEMrush has three key features which can be used for keyword research. These are:

  1. Keyword Gap
  2. Keyword Overview
  3. Keyword Magic Tool (the most important)

As you read the guide, you will get to see how to use each of these features in different scenarios.

1. Getting the List of Keywords Your Website Is Ranking for

If you already have a website running and want to find new keywords to optimize it further, it is a good idea to start with identifying the existing keywords.

To do this,

  1. In the search box enter the URL of the domain (don’t click on search).
  2. Select ‘Organic Research’ from the drop down list on the left of search box.

searching organic keywords for your own website

You will be taken to Organic Research dashboard which displays different data. As of now we will consider those which are important from keyword research point of view.

semrush organic research dashboard

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